I would try staying up for 48 hours, but it sounds so boring. I would end up swallowing a fistful of No-Doz and playing ukelele all night, two nights running.

So this weekend we went out to the Brash and Sassy EP launch at Manhattan’s. It was an excellent show. The fashion, the beats and the on-stage banter were all quite brash and, further to that, extremely sassy. On the other hand, the place was awash with hipsters and the support acts were way dull. We left early to pick up Tom and Eleesha’s kid from the babysitter.

On Saturday we watched some dvds, drank some beer and ate some instant-setting jelly. It was basically ideal.

Today my friend Kate invited me out to lunch with some of her friends. She hangs with a pretty diverse crowd, and including the two of us there were only three Australians there out of twelve people. They had some good food and were very friendly, although it is a bit hard for a reserved Australian like me to get a word in when the jovial, outsize Israelis are yakkin it up.

After that I did a 20k bike ride, which I’m pleased to say is starting to feel like a very short distance. Then I finished off a short story I was writing and did some ironing. Good weekend, I say.

In other news, Lucy was going to write a list of things she wanted to do before the age of 30, but didn’t make a very good start, so I’m wondering: what are the things that really should go on the list? The ‘Murtaugh list,’ shall we say. Because it’s only a couple of years before I’m thirty.

Crap this is a pretty late update. I do try to write something each week, I swear.

So a lot of things happened this week. I had a jeoarb interview for a pretty good government job and (despite the fact that I had to do a handwritten assessment in my terrible smudgy handwriting) I got invited back for another one next week. It’s now ten people and four jobs, so I’m thinking the odds are pretty good. Mind you, one of the other applicants I met in the lobby when I went for the interview earlier this week just casually revealed that he was a fucking lawyer. I mean, why does a lawyer even want a government job? Fuck. Anyway, as long as there aren’t three other lawyers in the group I should stand a chance.

I also got my new bike, which I had been waiting for for weeeeeeeeeeeeks. It’s a sweet-ass bike and I’ll post some photos but for the moment feel free to check out this picture here: http://www.bacchettabikes.com/bikes/performance-bikes/strada The only problem is that I’m still having a hard time keeping it in a straight line. I need to do a bit more practice in the empty underground car park at Woolworth’s before I mix it up with the traffic.
And today I went up to York to help my mum work on her house. I dug in a soakwell, finished the retaining wall and put in some new light fittings. Yes ladies, I am handy.

Finally, I wish to solicit your opinion regarding the proper use of the comma. According to Tom and Eleesha, you should not put a comma before the word ‘but.’ In my opinion, however, doing so reflects the natural pause that you would put in when speaking. I would like to know your opinion!

Of course, if you opinion differs from mine I will harangue you ceaselessly.

Come to my house and do my ironing. I will make you some packet cheesecake?

Hey! Some cool stuff happened in the last week or so, and if you keep on reading I’ll tell you all about it.

The first thing was that I got offered a sweet new job. It’s the same pay grade, but it’s a graduate job so it should be more interesting than my current job, and there will also be more opportunity to climb the ladder later on. Plus, after applying for about a million billion jobs this year and only getting offered a ho-hum one, it’s a good to know that someone thinks I have the capacity to handle a more challenging assignment. It doesn’t start right away though; it’s a 2011 thing. Which is OK because my current job is getting easier to handle, and a few more months in the job will help me build up some skills to fall back on if the new job turns out to be crap.

In far less serious news, Eleesha and I have been learning the dance to Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ in preparation for Thrill the World 2010. We are not very good at it, but it’s fun. After a few more sessions we should have the basic dance down and be onto creating some zombie costumes. Cool!

What’s pretty crap though is that my new recumbent bike is broken. They must have forgotten to put the bits on the ends of the derailleur cables, because the rear cable ended up tangled in the cogs and nearly jammed the wheel while I was riding. Stupid thing. Now I have to get them to spring for a repair without mailing the bike back to Canberra.

And finally, I am planning some travel for the end of the year before I start mah new job. Probably Bangkok for a few days, and then maybe another trip to Thailand / Vietnam / Laos / Indonesia. So does anyone have any ideas for cool things to do and see, especially in Bangkok? Let me know, hey.

So that’s the cool stuff, and a little bit of crap stuff. Now I have much ironing to do. *sob*